Fortune in Italy Show Land Transport Expertise

Posted on 2nd June 2016

Fortune in Italy Show Land Transport Expertise

Fortune International Transport are pleased to share the details of the recent multimodal transport of a 60tn machine from Italy to Russia.

Paolo Federici (Managing Director) explains; "Whilst our specialty is maritime transportation with added experience in air transport (some time ago we even loaded an Antonov with an 80tn boiler), this project shows our land transport expertise.

The 60tn machine had to be transported by road with permits and escorts from Italy to Lubeck in Germany where it was transferred onto a MAFI and transported 1,500km by ferry to St. Petersburg in Russia. From there, the cargo was again moved by road to the final destination."

In total, the cargo travelled 1,400km by road in Europe, 1,500km by sea in the Baltic and 600km from St. Petersburg to the final destination in Russia. In just over a week, the journey of 3,500km was completed successfully and safely by Fortune International Transport.

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The photos in the thumbnail gallery below shows the cargo on the special truck as it arrived in Lubeck and after transferring to the MAFI.