MAMQ Complete Challenging Transportation of Transformers in Pakistan

Posted on 29th April 2016

MAMQ Complete Challenging Transportation of Transformers in Pakistan

Muhammad Amin Muhammad Qaseem (MAMQ) in Pakistan are pleased to report the recent transportation of 2 x 70tn transformers for the Patrind Hydro Power Project. The operation was made particularly challenging due to the difficult terrain on the journey to the final destination.

MAMQ Project Manager, Waseem Abbasi explains; "The 2 transformers arrived at Karachi Port and were transported to the MAMQ warehouse in Islamabad with one transformer on a 12 multi-axle platform and the other one on an 8 multi-axle platform.

From our warehouse in Islamabad, the transformers were moved to the Patrind site on 8 multi-axle platforms with a push & pull configuration of prime movers due to the high altitude terrain. Part of the journey was some of the toughest and dangerous terrain we have faced because it is a land sliding area throughout the year (the full operation is pictured in the gallery below). To proceed, we reinforced most of the sliding area track with 10tns of steel plates so the transformers could move forward easier and we successfully crossed the area and delivered the cargo to the dam site safely as a 'zero defect operation'.

The Patrind Hydro Power Project has a capacity of 147mw and is located on the boundary of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa near to the city of Muzzafarabad and at a distance of around 120km from Pakistan's capital Islamabad."