Hemisphere Complete Cladding and Flooring at Landmark Site

Posted on 12th April 2024

Hemisphere Complete Cladding and Flooring at Landmark Site
Hemisphere Complete Cladding and Flooring at Landmark Site

Hemisphere Freight Services are glad to share an update of the construction progress at their Port One landmark development.

Significant headway has been made at Hemisphere Freight Services’ landmark development in Suffolk, where cladding is already up, flooring poured and racking is in full flow.

Curzon De Vere Limited, the build partner for Hemisphere Freight Service’s cutting-edge multi-million-pound warehouse at Suffolk Port One Logistics Park, is advancing the construction of the 243,511 sq ft facility.

The warehouse facility, situated just 20 minutes away from the Port of Felixstowe, is part of East Anglia’s inaugural carbon-neutral logistics park.

Positioned strategically along the A14, the main arterial route for the region, it connects the Port of Felixstowe and other East Coastal Ports to major onward routes via the A14, M25, and M1.

The new build will enable Hemisphere Freight Service to provide 35,536 racked pallet locations, which stack nine levels high for optimal fulfillment services.

These locations will be combined with an additional 8,000 bulk-loaded pallets on floors and mezzanines, perfect for VAS services such as kitting, barcoding, and quality control.

The warehouse will provide Hemisphere Freight Service with eight dock levellers, three of which are suitable for double-deck trailers. It will also have one 7.5-tonne hydraulic lift for cargo and people to access the mezzanines.

Alongside this, it will have 59 car parking spaces, EV charging for 12 vehicles and triple story offices spanning 6,600 sq ft.

Port One Logistics Park also features industry-leading initiatives such as 80+ acres of roofing PV solar panels, which will supply the warehouse needs for high-speed car charging, office lighting and fork truck operation.

The team are also working hard to secure BRCGS, ORGANIC and TAPA FSR certifications for the site.

Louis Perrin, Director at Hemisphere, said:

"This significant step forward not only marks the realisation of our cutting-edge facility at Suffolk Port One Logistics Park but is also a testament to our unwavering commitment to reducing carbon in the supply chain."

Matt Slater from Curzon De Vere added:

"It is exciting to see construction now taking shape at this site and we are proud to be working with Hemisphere Freight Service on this landmark project for them."

The deal is the largest purchase by an independent company at the Port One development and responds to the need for efficient warehousing space nationally in a highly competitive and advancing industry.