CEA's Safety Record Wins Another Award

Posted on 3rd April 2016

CEA's Safety Record Wins Another Award
CEA's Safety Record Wins Another Award

CEA Project Logistics have received a special award from three companies undertaking the Ichthys Project in Darwin, Australia - Inpex, JKC and CUEL. The award was presented in recognition of a world-class safety performance of 1,089 consecutive days without a lost-time injury.

The 1,089 days was actually the entire length of the contract between CEA and the three companies meaning the whole project was successfully completed without issue. CEA's scope of works for this project included:

  • Quarantine Compliance for Fabrication Yards
  • Warehouse Housekeeping & Waste Management
  • Quarantine Inspection for Fabrication Yards
  • Modules, Electrical & Instrument Inspections
  • Quarantine Compliant Training for all Module Fabricator's & Sub-Contractors

CEA are accredited and certified by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) in Australia. Operations Manager for CEA Thailand, Michael Andrews stated; "The logistics industry as a whole is a high risk working environment and although we will never be able to completely eliminate risks, we feel we have the correct procedures and strategies in place at CEA to minimize the chance of injury as much as possible. Receiving this award is a credit to the CEA HSE teams who work tirelessly each week to refine and improve the awareness of our employees when engaged on all projects"

The photos below show the CEA team receiving their award.